Super JOMO complete pool service

SuperJOMO Complete Pool Service Program

Enjoy our full range of services in our premier pool cleaning & maintenance program.

Our premier pool service provides complete weekly pool care 50 times a year. It includes skimming, brushing, vacuuming, equipment checks, filter cleaning, and water balancing. You will also receive warranties on equipment and replacement of maintenance items such as cartridge filters, skimmer baskets, and pool lights at no extra cost. Enjoy a fixed monthly budget for your pool, no matter what’s needed for a clean, beautiful pool.

Our weekly SuperJOMO cleaning program consists of a combination of the following:

  •   Vacuum pool
  •   Skim pool surface
  •   Brush pool walls, steps, swim-outs, and ledges as needed
  •   Inspect pump, filter & timer operations
  •   Clean or backwash filters as needed
  •   Clean salt generators as needed
  •   Balance water chemistry to Langelier Saturation Index to ensure proper water balance and sanitation.

Salt conversion option

  •   We will install equipment to convert a chlorine only pool at a salt pool

Equipment warranty

Under the SuperJomo warranty, Jomo will repair or replace any of the following items that fail under normal wear and tear with no additional charge to the customer:

  •   Salt generator
  •   Pump/motor replacement
  •   Pool lights (accessible)
  •   Filter
  •   Filter cartridge replacement
  •   Skimmer baskets
  •   Above ground plumbing repairs, including valves.

Items not covered

  •   Pool surface, Marcite repairs/resurfacing
  •   Pool deck
  •   Water features
  •   Tile & Coping
  •   Leaks and leak detection
  •   Underground plumbing repairs
  •   Spas and spa equipment
  •   Heaters

Our Pool Cleaning Services

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This service is designed for pool owners who prefer to handle all the pool cleaning and maintenance, but would prefer chemical usage and balancing to be left to the professionals.

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Our bi-weekly service, provided 25 times a year, is an attractive and economical option for pool owners who are very active in the maintenance of their pools.

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sparklingjomo plus pool cleaning service

SparklingJOMO Plus

This is our standard weekly service, provided 50 times a year, which includes all cleaning services, equipment checks, and water balancing.

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superjomo complete pool cleaning


Our premier service provides all-inclusive weekly pool care 50 times a year, with the addition of warranties on equipment and replacement of pool maintenance items.

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Optional Add-on Services

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Optional RoboJOMO Robotic Pool Cleaner A state-of-the-art robotic cleaner can be added to any of our pool cleaning…

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