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The Benefits of our Optional SaltyJOMO Salt Conversion System

The beauty of a salt pool is that you have a system that consistently generates chlorine into the pool so you avoid large spikes in chlorine while creating a much more enjoyable swimming experience. We found that while many customers prefer the feel of a salt pool, they don’t want to incur the large upfront costs it takes to convert their chlorine pool to salt. So Jomo makes it easy by simply installing one of our salt conversion systems for a small monthly fee as an add-on to your current Jomo pool cleaning service. Since we buy our systems in bulk, it allows us to pass on those savings to you so you enjoy the benefits of a salt pool at a low monthly cost. In the event you cancel the service, we simply remove the system at no additional cost to you.

If you’re ready for your salt water pool conversion, please contact us online or call 904-222-0809.

Differences Between Chlorinated and Salt Water Pools

Chlorine pools—you might consider them the “traditional” or “standard” type of swimming pool—have highly concentrated levels of the chlorine chemical added to keep harmful bacteria away and to protect the people swimming in the water. In a salt water pool, salt is transformed into chlorine through a natural process called “electrolysis.”

Electrolysis takes place when electricity is sent through salt water (which is, chemically speaking, “sodium chloride”). The electricity interacts with the chloride portion of the salt and naturally creates chlorine, which means you automatically have chlorinated water without actually adding chlorine in separately. This prevents an overage of chlorine or any spikes in the chemical’s presence in your pool. 

Here’s more about converting a chlorine pool to saltwater, including its benefits and how to conveniently overcome the main challenge. 

Benefits of Converting a Chlorine Pool to Saltwater

First, there can be health benefits when you convert a pool to salt water. That’s because chlorine pools, as the name implies, will have high levels of this chemical, one that can cause skin and eye irritation with symptoms including dryness, burning, and itching. Chlorine can trigger respiratory issues in some people, especially those who have allergies and/or asthma or who have long-term exposure to the chemical. Salt water, though, is a natural substance that is gentle on people’s skin, eyes, and respiratory system. It’s kinder to the hair, as well. 

If you’re storing chlorine around your home, you already know that this requires significant precautions because chlorine is dangerous when inhaled. With salt, there is no need for any special storage.

Basic maintenance is easier after people convert to salt water pools with no need to buy chlorine and less of a need to buy other chemicals. It’s easier to balance the pool water and it typically maintains its balance for a longer amount of time. And, because it’s easier to maintain the pool, regular maintenance can be less expensive. 

Salt Water Pool Conversion: Challenge and Solution 

Benefits of salt water pools, as described above, are significant. If, though, you’ve already got a chlorine pool, the upfront costs associated with the conversion can be expensive. 

Fortunately, if you’d like to reduce the cost to convert to a salt water pool, Salty JOMO is an excellent solution. With this service, we take care of converting a chlorine pool to saltwater without charging you any upfront costs and without your needing to handle any of the installation issues. That’s because we do the installation for you and then charge a low monthly fee that’s included in your monthly pool cleaning fee. With Salty JOMO, you can therefore enjoy all of the benefits of salt in your pool water without having to take on the upfront cost to convert to a salt water pool.

Not yet a Jomo customer? Read on!

Convert to a Salt Water Pool on A Fixed Monthly Budget

With Jomo, you can have a sparkling clean, beautiful, well maintained pool for a fixed monthly cost with no budgetary surprises—and converting a chlorine pool to saltwater and having that pool maintained also comes with a fixed monthly budget amount at Jomo.

Jomo uses the best technicians and the latest in pool cleaning technology. This allows you to enjoy your poolside time with friends and family instead of lugging out brushes, vacuums and more and spending beautiful days working—or worrying about whether your water is appropriately balanced.

Jomo offers another add-on service, robotic pool cleaning, to free up even more of your time. With RoboJOMO, we’ll place a robotic cleaner in your pool for a small monthly fee and maintain it with periodic tune-ups for maximum performance. Just like when you convert a pool to salt water with SaltyJOMO, if you cancel, we’ll just remove the cleaner. So, there’s no large upfront costs, no long-term commitment, and no hassle!

Choose Jomo For Your Jacksonville Salt Water Pool Conversion

Our technicians have a true passion for pools and for serving our customers in ways that allow you to maximize your enjoyment when poolside and when swimming. To discuss our pool maintenance and cleaning plans or to convert a pool to salt water, please contact us online or call 904-222-0809.

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