Why is My Swimming in Jacksonville Pool Green & Cloudy?

swimming pool green water

When pool water is perfectly balanced and clean, it has a beautiful, clear, sparkling appearance—just how you like it to look when you’re relaxing, poolside, or having friends and family members over.

So, when the color is off or the water appears cloudy, something is definitely not right. To provide an answer to this question, we’ll address each of these issues—the color and the cloudiness—separately, and then share tips to help keep your pool water healthy and looking beautiful.

Cloudy Swimming Pools

Different degrees of cloudiness exist. First, you might notice how the water just isn’t sparkling the way it did, but the change isn’t that obvious. Then, although you can still see the bottom of the pool, there is definitely something “off” about the water. At more advanced stages of cloudiness, the water could look like diluted milk and, at the deeper end of the pool, it may be hard to see the bottom. If this process were to continue, then it would be difficult to see the bottom of the pool at all. 

The most common cause of cloudy water is a low level of free chlorine. When you don’t have enough free chlorine, this indicates the presence of combined chlorine. Besides causing the water to turn cloudy, you’ll be able to detect combined chlorine because of the smell, one in which the chlorine scent is stronger. Once the water has reached this level, the chlorine is no longer killing off bacteria and harmful germs in the water—which means that it’s now an ideal environment for the growth of algae and the presence of ammonia, which can then further contribute to the cloudiness.

An imbalance of chemicals can cause cloudiness. So can a pH imbalance. As another possibility, there could be an issue with the pool filter. Perhaps it’s not being run long enough or the filter itself could be clogged or in need of being replaced—or there could be a problem with the pump. Also, consider the environment. If enough dust, pollen, or insects, as just three examples, get into the pool water, they can make the filter work too hard. If there’s been a rainstorm, minerals may have gotten into the pool, causing cloudiness. 

It’s possible that the water’s alkalinity is too high or the calcium hardness is too significant. Or, as yet another possibility, sunscreens, makeup, bodily oils and fluids, and more that are brought in by the swimmers themselves could be giving the appearance of cloudiness. 

Although these are not the only possibilities, they are among some of the most common. For analysis and cloudy pool treatment, please contact us online or call 904-222-0809. JOMO Pool Service experts can test the water and rebalance it, check the pool filter, pump, and more to diagnose the issue, fix it and get your water sparkling clean once again.

Green Swimming Pools

This is a sign of algae in the water, which can grow especially fast in the warm weather we enjoy in Jacksonville, Florida. When chlorine levels are low or otherwise out of balance, this creates the ideal environment for unwanted algae to grow and thrive. Although small amounts of algae may not cause problems, it’s not the environment in which most people would want to swim. Plus, it could cause problems with people with immune issues or for young children. 

Because algae exists in soil and plant debris, algae spores are all around us. It becomes a problem when the algae are allowed to settle in the pool water and then begin to grow and expand. This can happen when the water balance is off or the water is not circulating properly. Substandard filtration can also contribute to the problem. 

It’s best to address the presence of algae as soon as you can so, even if the water looks slightly green, it’s advisable to have a green pool water treatment before the presence of algae becomes more significant. 

With green pool treatment by JOMO, we’ll take care of the current algae problem while also investigating and addressing the reason why the algae were able to take hold. That way, you can have peace of mind as you enjoy your newly sparkling clear pool water.

Proactive Swimming Pool Water Treatments

The best way to prevent pool water from becoming cloudy and/or green is through regular pool cleaning and maintenance. That way, professionals can test and balance the water and check pool filters, pumps, and more to catch any small problems before they have time to become bigger ones.

At JOMO, we offer four tiers of pool cleaning service so that you can get just the help you need to keep your pool water in pristine condition. They include:

  • AquaJOMO: If you prefer to manage pool cleaning and maintenance on your own, but you would benefit from experts balancing the water and managing chemical use, this would be a good choice. 
  • SparklingJOMO: If you actively manage your own pool but would like regular, economical pool service visits, consider this option. It comes with pool service 25 times a year, every other week.
  • SparkingJOMO Plus: If you would prefer that our experts clean your pool, balance the water, and check the equipment regularly, this standard pool service is provided 50 times a year. 
  • SuperJOMO: If you want the best, this is our premier, all-inclusive service. Besides the 50 annual pool maintenance visits, this plan includes the replacement of pool items and comes with equipment warranties.

Pool Cleaning Service in Jacksonville, FL

Our pool maintenance company was founded by people with two passions: for pools and for people. Our philosophy is that your pool should be something you enjoy, your own private resort—not just another item on your home maintenance list. 

So, spend time by the pool with friends and family, and let our pool maintenance company take care of the rest!

To get started, please contact us online today or call 904-222-0809.