Nine Most Common Pool Cleaning Myths in Jacksonville

pool cleaning myths fi

We’re pretty sure every pool owner has heard at least one pool cleaning myth at one time or another. Here are nine of the most common misconceptions, then we’ll follow up with the real story! Myth #1 Clear Water = Healthy Water Although it’s true that sparkling clear water is a good sign, the fact…

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Everything You Need to Know About Pool Cleaning in Jacksonville

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Regular pool cleaning is the key to having a sparkling clean pool for you and your family to enjoy. Whether you’re a brand new pool owner or could use a brush-up on pool cleaning and maintenance, this guide will walk you through what’s needed to keep your pool looking great year-round. Benefits of Pool Cleaning…

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Your Complete Guide to Pool Filter Cleaning in Jacksonville

checking pool filter

When you have an outdoor pool, dirt and debris will naturally fall into the water. Sticks, for example, can be captured and removed by a net but smaller particles must otherwise be trapped before they reach the pump. That’s where a pool filter comes in, helping to trap dirt and debris and keep your pool…

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Why is My Swimming in Jacksonville Pool Green & Cloudy?

swimming pool green water

When pool water is perfectly balanced and clean, it has a beautiful, clear, sparkling appearance—just how you like it to look when you’re relaxing, poolside, or having friends and family members over. So, when the color is off or the water appears cloudy, something is definitely not right. To provide an answer to this question,…

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