Nine Most Common Pool Cleaning Myths in Jacksonville

pool cleaning myths

We’re pretty sure every pool owner has heard at least one pool cleaning myth at one time or another. Here are nine of the most common misconceptions, then we’ll follow up with the real story!

Myth #1 Clear Water = Healthy Water

Although it’s true that sparkling clear water is a good sign, the fact that it’s clear doesn’t automatically mean it’s clean. It just means that no visible algae exists and any cloudiness isn’t significant enough to be noticeable yet.

Cloudy water is typically caused by low levels of free chlorine with an imbalance of chemicals or pH also being culprits, among other possibilities. Green water almost certainly indicates the presence of algae, which can thrive when chlorine is low or out of balance.

So, although healthy pool water is clear, not all clear water is healthy—and, in some cases, it needs to be cleaned.

Myth #2 Draining a Pool is the Best Pool Cleaning Method

It’s true that pools should be drained and cleaned/repaired every couple to few years, but this should not be your standard cleaning procedure. First, it would be expensive and time consuming to empty a pool every time it needed to be cleaned. Second, when you overdo the draining, this increases the potential for pool damage. Why? Because pools are designed to contain water and the presence of liquid creates the amount of pressure that it’s intended to contain.

Instead, focus on regular cleaning where you skim, vacuum, and scrub, and also balance chemicals. Save the draining for when it’s actually needed.

Myth #3 Strong Chemical Smell = Clean Pool

Chlorine is used to kill bacteria through a fairly simple chemical reaction. So, it’s natural to assume that, when you notice the smell of chlorine, it’s working hard to keep everything clean and fresh. When the chlorine scent is strong, though, it’s more likely that you’re actually detecting the odor of chloramine, which is a byproduct that forms when chlorine binds to contaminates. So, ironically, that odor can be a sign that pool cleaning is required.

Myth #4 Baking Soda Can Be Used to Boost the Pool’s pH

On the surface, this makes sense. Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is an alkaline substance, and adding it to a cup of water can bring overly acidic water into balance. That said, it’s important to use professional pool chemicals, such as soda ash, to protect the physical structure of the pool and the water instead of adding baking soda to see if it helps.

Myth #5 Red Eyes After Swimming = Too Much Chlorine

This myth is similar to #3 because, once again, chloramines are the real culprit. After chlorine binds to contaminants, the result is chloramine that’s irritating enough to cause eye redness. The solution is to add chlorine and otherwise balance pool chemicals.

Myth #6 Saltwater Pools Don’t Require Chlorine

Well, sort of. Saltwater pools need chlorine for the same reasons that other swimming pools do, but the system actually generates the chlorine by changing the salt into that substance. The water is softer and you can avoid chlorine spikes, which translates into a more enjoyable swimming experience. So, why doesn’t everyone have a saltwater pool? Because converting a chlorine pool into a saltwater can be expensive with plenty of upfront costs.

However, JOMO makes it easy to convert. We’ll install a salt water conversion system for a small monthly fee as an add-on service to one of our pool cleaning plans. We buy the systems in bulk and then pass the savings on to you. If you ever want to cancel, we’ll just remove the system at no cost.

Myth #7 Pool Cleaning Services Are Too Expensive

When you need pool cleaning in Jacksonville, FL, JOMO offers four different service packages so that you can choose the one that fits your budget and the amount of time you want to spend on your own pool cleaning and maintenance:

Professional pool cleaning services allow you to spend time enjoying your pool with friends and family. Prices can range, based on several factors, including the age of the pool’s system, the air filtration system, environment surrounding the pool, and more. Just contact us online or call 904-222-0809 for a personalized quote.

Myth #8 Robotic Pool Cleaners Are Too Expensive

When you buy one directly, yes, they can be costly. With JOMO, though, you can add a state-of-the-art robotic pool cleaner for a small monthly fee when you use any one of our pool cleaning services in Jacksonville, FL. A robot-cleaner allows you to truly maximize your pool water’s cleanliness, seven days a week, and you won’t have to pay any upfront costs.

After our team installs this device, you won’t have to worry about maintaining it, either. We’ll provide periodic tune-ups and, if you ever decide to cancel your robot-cleaning, we’ll simply remove the device.

Myth #9 All Pool Cleaning Services Are the Same

It might seem that way at first. Suck up some leaves, scrub some things, dump in some chemicals. How hard can it be, right? The reality is that there are big differences in pool cleaning services and, just like with any type of company, a pool company is only as good as its people. Our team is thoroughly trained with dual certifications: Certified Pool Operator and Florida Public Pool Specialist.

Our trucks are packed with all the equipment needed so our team will be prepared for any pool cleaning service, and we make sure that our vehicles are maintained to the highest degree. When at your home, it’s a reflection on you and we’ll make it the very best.

Plus, water chemistry is a science, not an art. We therefore invest in industry leading digital mobile labs that provide exact results to parts per million so we can make precise adjustments to give you resort quality water all year long.

Our pool cleaning in Jacksonville is simple. We have just one flat monthly fee with no hidden charges and no surprises. We focus on taking great care of your pool.

You? Well, you just enjoy your own private backyard paradise!

Contact us online to get started or call 904-222-0809.