Pool Vacuuming in Jacksonville: The Ultimate Guide on How to, Why, and When


A blue, sparkling pool is enjoyable to swim in and relax by—and one of the best ways to keep a pool clean is through regular vacuuming. Chemicals can stay balanced more effectively in a clean pool and maintenance issues and costs will likely be much less. If you’re in need of a pool maintenance service in the Jacksonville, Florida area, please contact us online or call 904-222-0809.

Benefits of Regular Pool Vacuuming

First, regular vacuuming keeps your pool clean, preventing buildup of dirt and debris. A clean pool is an attractive pool, one that doesn’t have the bad odors associated with the mold, mildew, and bacteria often found in a dirty one.

A clean pool is an environment where chemicals can work at their best, circulating and sanitizing; the pool filter and pump can run appropriately; and maintenance issues are lessened. This can save you money on costly repairs while also allowing you to enjoy your pool on an ongoing basis. 

How to Manually Vacuum Your Pool

You can remove larger pieces of debris, such as sticks, with a net on a telescopic pole. Once the debris that’s easily visible is removed, you can remove the net and then attach the pool vacuum head to the pole. Keep a good grip on the pole as you lower the pool vacuum head and hose into the water, keeping the other end of the hose on the pool deck.

Go to the filter skimmer that’s located on a pool wall; it’s where the water enters the pool. Connect the other end of the hose into the water intake nozzle. At this point, you’ll see air bubbles at the vacuum head; wait until the hose is filled with water because that’s necessary to create suction. You’ll know it’s ready when the vacuum head is flat.

For vacuuming that’s light to moderate, keep the multiport valve filter on the “Filter” setting. In this setting, the water level will remain the same so no more needs to be added. For heavier duty jobs, use the “Waste” setting; in this case, you’ll also need to replace the water that goes down the drain. 

Use the same type of motion that you would when vacuuming a rug, using slow but steady back and forth movements. Repeat the motions as many times as necessary to remove the dirt from the pool. Once you’re done, disconnect the hose on both ends; clean out the skimmer bottom; and, if necessary, put the setting back on “Filter.” If you plan to scrub the pool’s sides and floor, put the appropriate brush on the telescoping pool and do so now. 

Often, a weekly vacuuming is a good schedule. If you notice dirt or debris in your pool before the regularly scheduled time, you may need to do an extra pool cleaning. This could happen, for example, if a storm blew leaves and sticks around your property or if a swarm of bugs descended. 

Although manual vacuuming takes more time and effort than automatic systems, this system does give you control over where you want to apply the suction, including in the pool’s nooks and crannies. 

Automatic and Robot Pool Cleaners

If you have an automatic system, then you can hook it up in a way that’s similar to a manual vacuum and then let the system do the work. These systems cost more than manual ones but they allow you to set it and forget it, freeing you to spend your time in other ways. 

Robot pool cleaners free up your time even more since you don’t need to hook up the system. Instead, you just place the cleaner in the pool and it does the rest of the work. They are incredibly convenient, efficient, and effective. Because they come with their own filtration system, this means that your pool’s filter doesn’t need to manage all the debris. This can extend the life of your pool filters.

Pool Cleaning and Pool Maintenance Services

For those who would prefer to leave vacuuming their pools to the professionals, hiring a reputable pool cleaning service is your best bet. If you’re looking for a pool cleaning company that has a real passion for pools and for serving customers, then we invite you to choose the JOMO pool maintenance company. We believe that time spent by your pool should be enjoyable, time spent with friends and family, not with vacuuming and maintaining it. We offer a choice of four pool cleaning plans to ensure we’ve got one to meet your needs and your budget. At a high level, they are:

  • AquaJOMO: If you prefer to handle your own pool cleaning and maintenance but want the pros to address chemical use/balancing, then this is a good service for you.
  • SparklingJOMO: If you’re active in your own pool maintenance but would like an economical bi-weekly service, then this is an attractive plan.
  • SparklingJOMO Plus: This service provides you with all cleaning services, equipment checks, and water balancing 50 times a year. 
  • SuperJOMO: Customers who want premier service will appreciate SuperJOMO! This includes our all-inclusive weekly pool care, 50 times a year—and also includes equipment warranties and replacement of pool maintenance items. 

No matter which pool cleaning plan you choose, you can add on a state-of-the-art robot pool cleaner for a small monthly charge. There can be a significant investment if you buy your own robotic cleaner and JOMO Pools can save you that upfront expense, installing the robot pool cleaner and maintaining it to keep its cleaning potential at the max. In other words, there won’t be an upfront expense and you aren’t responsible for the hassles of maintaining the equipment. You simply benefit from a sparkling clean pool!

If you’re ready to get started with Jacksonville pool cleaning services, please contact us online or call 904-222-0809.

Pool Vacuuming FAQs