Why You Should Continue Pool Cleaning Services in Jacksonville During Winter Months

winter pool cleaning

Though we don’t get much of a winter here in Jacksonville, most commercial pools close down and residential pools usually get less use during the winter months. However, it’s important to continue with regular pool cleaning throughout that season for a seamless transition to spring. In fact, winter can be a great time to discover if any maintenance or repair issues exist that should be addressed. To help, this post will share winter pool cleaning information to keep yours in tip-top shape.

How to Winterize Your Pool

Remove Accessories

If you have detachable ladders and handrails, remove them and store them safely away. Remove any toys, floats, inflatable loungers, and so forth. Not only do these items get in the way if you decide to cover your pool, they can also collect rainwater and create perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other pests.

Choose the Right Pool Cover

Pool covers keep debris out of the water over the winter. Standard tarp covers will keep organic matter out of the pool and also block sunshine that can spur on the growth of algae. For more protection, many people use a safety cover that looks somewhat like a trampoline. When professionally installed, it can help prevent injuries—for example, to keep children and animals from falling into the water. It’s crucial, though, to get a cover that fits your pool well. There are also automatic safety covers that can be conveniently operated by the touch of a button.

If the cover isn’t new, inspect it each year to make sure there aren’t tears or holes that will allow in debris. If so, repair the cover or consider getting a new one.

Continue to Monitor Your Pool Water Level

Closely monitoring the water level is something every pool owner does during the summer due to high pool usage, pool water splashing out, and higher evaporation in the summer heat. However, the water level should still be monitored during the winter with less rain and drier air. It’s important to always keep the correct water level so your pool pump and filtration system can operate optimally.

Keep the Pool Pump Running

When a pool is not regularly in use, many people feel the need to cut back on the number of hours their filtration system runs each day. After all, the electricity required to run the system is a monthly expense and many pool owners want to take advantage of that reduced expense during the winter. However, it is recommended to run the pool pump for at least six hours daily. This helps to remove debris from the water and keeps everything circulating.

If you’d like to know exactly how many hours per day is recommended that your pool pump run, consult a professional. They can tell you how much it’s safe to cut back by based on your location and other factors unique to your pool.

Handle Repairs and Maintenance

Winter can be the perfect time to have a professional pool service company look everything over to see if anything needs repaired or replaced. This way you can address issues before it’s time to begin hosting pool parties and enjoying the pool with friends and family in the spring and summer.

Continue Weekly Pool Cleaning to Prevent Algae Build-up

Though it is true that cooler winter temperatures slow down and inhibits algae growth, it does not stop all together. Here in Florida, leaves will continue to fall all winter. If these leaves make their way into your pool, not only can they promote algae growth, if left to float on the water’s surface they can also stain the sides of your pool.

Regular pool cleaning that includes skimming off dead leaves, bugs, and other debris and thoroughly vacuuming and scrubbing the pool will help to prevent clogged pumps and avoid algae growth. It’s also important to keep the chemicals in your pool balanced throughout the entire year, even when the pool gets little to no use during the winter.

Your Pool Will Be Ready For Summer

Continuing with regular pool cleaning and maintenance throughout the winter will ensure that your pool will be ready for the first swimming day of the year. Many people don’t realize they have issues until the swimming season begins.

Rely on a Pool Service Company

If you already use a swimming pool service, then winterizing the pool can be part of what the company does for you. If you’re looking for second to none professional swimming pool service in the Jacksonville area, contact us. We will provide premier service throughout the year with our four plans designed to include one to fit everyone’s budget.

Options include:

  • AquaJOMO: Our basic service is ideal when you prefer to do the pool cleaning yourself but want professional application of chemicals.
  • SparklingJOMO: Swimming pool service professionals will clean and maintain your pool, bi-weekly, and you’ll care for your pool in between visits.
  • SparklingJOMO Plus: With this plan, you’ll receive pool cleaning services fifty times each year. This includes balancing your water and checking pool equipment.
  • SuperJOMO: With our premier service, you’ll have the cleanest, healthiest, most sparkling pool around. This includes weekly cleaning and chemical balancing plus pool equipment maintenance, the replacement of items, and more.

Looking Ahead to Next Year

To enhance your experience for spring and summer, consider adding a state-of-the-art robotic pool cleaner for the maximum of cleanliness, seven days a week. Although they can be expensive if you buy one outright, we buy ours in bulk and, if you have any of our swimming pool service plans, we can install one in your pool—and you’ll only pay a small monthly fee.

You won’t even need to maintain the device. We’ll provide periodic tune ups and, if you ever decide to cancel the service, we’ll remove the robot-cleaner at no charge.

Plus, if you want to convert to a saltwater pool for a more enjoyable swimming experience, we can install a salt water conversion system with no upfront costs. Instead, when you have one of our pool cleaning services, there will just be an additional small monthly fee. If you decide to cancel, we can remove this system at no charge.

Choose JOMO as Your Pool Service Company in Jacksonville, Florida

Get a personalized quote online or call us at 904-222-0809 to discuss what you need. We’ll take it from there, prepping your pool for when you’ll enjoy your pool with friends and family again at your own private resort.